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Native Plants

in the Chesapeake 

Welcome to Nuts for Natives
making it easy to create a magical garden one plant at a time


Maryland Native Plants

Virginia Native Plants

Chesapeake Bay Native Plants

Why use native plants


Add native plants to your balcony window box or containers, a small bed in your townhouse garden or a large section of your one acre lot, and experts tell us we will tangibly make a difference in our Chesapeake landscape. You will create habitat, grow high quality seeds and produce nectar and food local pollinators and birds need to thrive.

Best of all – your garden, no matter its size, will feel more alive and be more interesting! Please check out these tools to get started or expand upon what you are already doing.


Looking for specific steps to get started? Try layering, following these steps or adding a bed. Need a native groundcover to create living mulch? Here are some great choices. Find perennials with blue, yellowlavender or pink flowers. Perhaps you are looking for native plant design ideas to add winter structure or interest?  Peruse the posts for an array of ideas and to see what other gardeners have done.


Looking for native plants? Check out these fantastic nurseries.


Thanks for visiting and happy gardening!

Where to Buy Native Plants in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland

In Northern Virginia, the District and Maryland, these are the best places to buy native plants for your garden, whether it's a balcony or an acre.

Native Plants in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland - Chesapeake Bay Area

For most of your favorites, from azaleas to wisteria, there is a native alternative to add buzz and interest in your garden. Explore options.

Native Plants in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland & Chesapeake Bay

Oodles of native plant and gardening advice to lead you to your own unique garden and bump up habitat in our Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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