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New Additions to “Where to Buy”

The whole point of Nuts for Natives is to make it easier to use native plants in our Chesapeake gardens.  Our “Where to Buy” page lists the best sources for native plants we know of.  This week, we are delighted to add a new nursery to our list of retail sellers of native plants!

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 10.25.03 PM

Kollar Nursery has been growing native plants since the 1980s.  Ken and Sharon Kollar operate their nursery in Pylesville, Maryland, an idyllic location just below the Maryland – Pennsylvania line in Harford County. Use GPS and you will likely cross the state line several times.  The nursery is located next to their home in a wooded dell. It’s a lovely setting for an oasis of native plants.

The Kollars are very knowledgeable, offer a solid selection including some hard to find natives, and sell many shrubs and trees in a variety of sizes from quarts to gallons to multi-gallon.  It seemed to me that their garden and nursery were one and so it was a great opportunity to see many mature native shrubs and trees planted around the nursery in addition to those that were for sale.  The Kollars also offer a few ornamentals.  They will guide you to the right plant for your situation if you would like assistance.  If you’d like to browse on your own, that’s fine too.

The Kollar website modestly says if you are in the area, stop by.  I’d say it is definitely worth the drive, and a lovely drive it is, once you are off the highway.

Like Herring Run Nursery in Baltimore and Nature by Design in Alexandria, Kollar Nursery is the real deal.

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We want you to be as excited about planting Chesapeake natives as we are. “Plant This or That” gives you a native alternative to popular plants. Other posts highlight really fabulous fauna native to the Chesapeake.

Nuts for Natives, avid gardener, Baltimore City admirer, Chesapeake Bay Watershed restoration enthusiast, and public service fan.

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