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Native Plant Gardens: A Can't Miss Podcast

Garden D.C. and Wildlife Biologist Sam Droege

blue lobelia flower in bud with a bee
Blue Lobelia

The Chesapeake region is rich in gardening resources from inspiring public gardens to the array of community gardens to a treasure trove of expertise related to the Chesapeake ecosystem. One of these awesome gardening resources is the Garden D.C. podcast. If you don't know it, gardening communicator, Kathy Jentz, talks with experts weekly about every facet of gardening. As Kathy says "if it grows in our region, we talk about it!"

Last week, Kathy spoke with another incredible Chesapeake resource, Sam Droege, a wildlife biologist at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, renowned bee expert and life long gardener. If you are interested in gardening with native plants, I think you will really enjoy this podcast. Kathy and Sam touch on topics from a seldom discussed methodology to rid land of invasives to great native plants for containers and many topics in between. You can listen to the Garden D.C. podcast here or wherever you prefer to get your podcasts.

I hope you find it as informative and fun as I did! Happy gardening.


We want you to be as excited about planting Chesapeake natives as we are. “Plant This or That” gives you a native alternative to popular plants. Other posts highlight really fabulous fauna native to the Chesapeake.

Nuts for Natives, avid gardener, Baltimore City admirer, Chesapeake Bay Watershed restoration enthusiast, and public service fan.

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